Getting Started With Guesty Booking Engine API

How to get started connecting your website to Guesty's Booking Engine API.


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The Booking Engine API (BE-API) is a set of API endpoints that allow third-party applications to interact with data from the Guesty Booking Engine.

Using this API, you'll be able to create a customized booking engine for Guesty clients, which includes:

  • Receive information about offered rooms and products for selected properties
  • Check real-time availability of selected properties
  • Get a current price quote for an offer you're interested in.
  • Use coupon code to promote your brand and offer exclusive deals
  • Create new reservations

How To Get Started

Step 1: Register the Booking Engine API on Guesty

Create a Booking Engine API instance for the desired account on the Guesty platform.
This will allow you to customize which properties will be presented, coupon codes, a payment processing model, and reservation settings.

After creating the instance, you will receive unique client and secret credentials to obtain a token, which will allow access to the API endpoints of our Booking Engine API.

For more information on how to create it on Guesty, see our Help Center articles.


Booking Options

Make sure your booking option reflects the API flow you wish to implement. For example, if you select Only Inquiries, you will only be able to create booking requests ("status": "reserved").

Step 2: Implement handlers for Guesty API Endpoints

Decide which functionalities you want to be enabled between Guesty and your website. Options include:

Perform Search
The ability to search for available properties by dates, location, and the number of guests.

Get Property Info
For each property, you can choose to show the address, description, amenities, pictures, price, and availability.

Get a Price Quote For Reservations
Get an updated price quote for a selected property according to dates, the number of guests, coupons, and the selected rate plan.

Create a Reservation
Create a new reservation that will be synced with Guesty.



If you have yet to create or receive direct bookings on your Guesty account. Please make sure to activate the booking engine by creating a test reservation in the UI. Booking Engine API reservation requests require this activation to work.

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