Retrieving Review Statistics

Retrieve a listing's average review score.


A business lives and dies by its reputation. The average review score of a listing is a good indicator of its performance and popularity over time. The _average review score _represents the average rating of all the listing reviews Guesty receives from Airbnb and, combined and graded on a scale between 1-10.

The average review score is a new listing parameter that is returned as part of the listing object. Please refer to the API Explorer for more information.

The Reviews Object

The reviews object is composed of the following parameters.

Body ParameterDetailsData Type
reviewsThe average review score object.Object
-- avgThe average score.Float
-- totalThe number of reviews received.Integer


  "reviews": {
        "avg": 10,
        "total": 2

Available Endpoints

One endpoint can be used to retrieve the review score of multiple listings or just a single listing's score.


Retrieving All Average Review Scores

This GET request retrieves all the average review scores.

curl --location --request GET ' title reviews' \
--header 'authorization: Bearer {{Token}}'

Recommended Query Parameters

To ensure that the review score matches a listing, we recommend including the following parameters as a minimum requirement, and you are free to include other listing fields.

Query ParameterDetails
_idThe unique Guesty ID assigned to the listing.
titleThe official name under which the listing is marketed.
reviewsThe reviews object containing the average review score.

For an example of a successful response, see our API Explorer page here.

Retrieving a Single Average Review Score

This GET request retrieves the average review score for a single listing.

curl --location --request GET '{listingId}?fields=reviews' \
--header 'authorization: Bearer{{Token}}'

Unlike the request to retrieve all average review scores, the identity of the listing is known, so the only additional query parameter required (at a minimum) is reviews. To view a sample response, see our API Explorer page.

Suggested Use Case

The average review score is intended to be used to promote your listing and can be used anywhere on your website, such as in the listings search results or on the listing page itself.